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Rafting Glacial Rivers

08 Days
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7 Days



Rafting Glacial Rivers an enjoyable thrill from leisure scenic floats to ever exciting adventure going through white-water rapids and bouncy high waves, a great way to enjoy Rafting glacial rivers for a day to two or more than week duration. Nepal Himalaya with massive world tallest mountains provides an excellent network of river systems where all rivers fed from the glacier of high peaks from Everest to Kanchenjunga with other lesser mountains. Nepal a world’s second largest in providing many rivers and streams that runs and extends to low areas of Gangetic plains running from arctic zone to sub-tropical temperatures which make great fun and enjoyable rafting for leisure holiday to extreme adventure. All Rafting glacial rivers run and led by expert teams of River Guides offering great safety measures providing guests with helmets, Life-Jackets, paddles, and other necessary items to make your adventure safe and enjoyable. Rafting glacial rivers on longer trips overnight stop camping on sandy beaches or in nice River Resorts close to rural farm villages and with time to explore local cultures.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: BHOTE KOSI OR UPPER SUN-KOSI for a day to two days.

A few hours drive from Kathmandu heading east to the starting point of rafting where rafting leads to various holes, drops and exciting rapids with bouncy waves to enjoy. Paddling all the way downstream and drive back to Kathmandu or stay overnights in nice Resorts of Borderland or Last Resorts for other adventure thrills like Bungee Jumping, Cannoning or other thrills. 

Day 02: TRISULI RIVERS for a day or more to two / three days.

One of the most popular rivers for rafting offers all the excitements from hair-raising rapids, bouncy waves to scenic floats with views of dense green jungles and rural farm villages along with the float downstream. Trisuli Rivers an exciting river rafting for a day or more where people can extend their holiday to Chitwan for jungle safari with a surge of adventure rafting downstream to inner Terai belt the flat-land of the country.       

Day 03: THE SETI RIVER for 2 days or more.

A mild and scenic river for rafting the starting point close to beautiful Pokhara city of few hours drives and from Kathmandu about 4 hours journey to reach a place called Damauli. Start rafting through nice exciting waves and rapids with scenic floats observing local life along with rural farm villages around the riverside, this river offers views as well fun for bird watching till it joins at Trisuli River on the second day of rafting. After completing rafting either drive to Kathmandu or Pokhara or continue raft and drive to Chitwan for Jungle Safari.

Day 04: SUN KOSI RIVER EXPEDITIONS for a week or more.

Sun Kosi River rafting as expeditions due to its long duration of rafting from starting point to the end at low-warm subtropical areas around Nepal Far South East at Terai region. A short drive from Kathmandu to Dolalghat town and then rafting begins floating and encountering exciting rapids, bouncy waves on daily floats with scenic views of a deep gorge, valley and high green hills with rural farm villages. Finally comes to an end at Chattare or near Kosi barrage a huge dam on Gangetic plains of Terai. On ending rafting after a week more a long overland journey back to Kathmandu or take a flight from Biratnagar city airport or stay for few days at Kosi Tappu Wild-Life Reserves to enjoy jungle safari.   

Day 05: MARSYANGDI RIVER for a day or two days.

Marysangdi River locates Nepal Mid-West around Lamjung district the river flows from the glacial source of Annapurna and Chulu peaks at Manang valley and then flowing downstream to warmer low areas. About 4-5 hours drive from Kathmandu and few hours from the city Pokhara to reach the starting spot of rafting, where float leads to numerous exciting white-water and rapids till it ends past the large town of Beitar, after an enjoyable and exciting adventure drive back to Kathmandu or to Pokhara. Further rafting downstream obstructed by dams for Hydro Project.

Day 06: KALI GANDAKI RIVER RAFTING for few days of 2-3 days.

Flows from the mighty glacier source of massive Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains that start from High Mustang areas and its high peaks. As the river joins from various tributaries flowing through world deepest gorge in between giant Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountains to reach further downstream with exciting and enjoyable rafting. Starts from Pokhara with few hours drive to the starting point and then float through various rapids and waves till it ends near Palpa or Syangja districts, during rafting overnights with camping arrangement on soft sandy beaches. Ending with drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara one can stop at Chitwan for adventure on wild-life safari.                                              

Day 07: KARNALI RIVER RAFTING for 4-5 days.

Karnali River one of mightiest rivers located the far western region of Nepal, where rivers flow from various sources and glaciers of Nepal western Himalaya, but actually originates from holy Mt. Kailash in South West Tibet. Karnali river flows downstream to make one of the exciting river sports in rafting, the river is also known as Big-Bend as it flows through hills and gorge winding towards low Terai belt of the country. Karnali River begins with a long drive of 8-9 hours or taking a flight to Nepalgunj or at Dhangadi airport and drive involves trekking for a few days to reach the river starting point for rafting. Rafting downstream encountering mind-blowing and hair-raising roller coasters with waves and rapids and then completes on warmer south Terai after a great adventure on Karnali River Rafting. Drive back to Kathmandu or take a flight from Dhangadi / Nepalgunj or enjoy few days with a wildlife safari in Bardiya National Park.


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