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Amrit Marg, Thamel

BHUTAN is also known as "THE DRAGON KINGDOM" of as Druk Yul "The land of Thunder Dragon, is perhaps the last Shangri-La. Bhutan a purely Buddhist Himalaya kingdom, is unsurpassed in its scenic. Majestic and vibrant culture. The kingdom shares with Nepal, the world's greatest concentration of mountain and living heritage of Buddhism. It is one of the few countries in the world still untouched, a paradise for tourist interested in Buddhist culture and philosophy, flora and fauna. trekking and mountaineering, In order to protect and preserve the culture and tradition from western influence, Bhutan accept only limited numbers of tourist in a year. It is the only country in the world where Mahayana sect of Buddhism is the state religion. Trip to Bhutan can be arranged with Nepal-Tibet package tour. Flights from Kathmandu to Paro (the only airfield of Bhutan) are twice a week, i.e., Monday and Thursday.

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