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Amrit Marg, Thamel

Do you have Airport pickup facilities?

We have free airport pick up facilities for our customers who book our any packages. We don't charge any money. At the booking time, we confirm it and come to the airport to welcome and receive you as per your flight details provided by you.

What sort of guides do you have?

We have some of the most dependable, friendly and always willing to share their knowledge on the Nepali culture, who have spent years exploring the mountains and countryside of Nepal. All guides hold a license from the government and speak good English who has a deep knowledge of the various trekking routes. Our guides are attentive to react to any situation and professional.

Is there electricity in the mountain?

Yes, most of the trekking trails there is electricity and solar panel for light and battery charging, shaving and hairdryer. Nepal uses voltages, 220-240 volts to power your appliances. The sockets are fit both round and flat.

Can I organize a Tibet visa myself and travel alone in Tibet?

No, due to China's tourism policy for Tibet, it is not possible for you to get a visa yourself in Kathmandu and it is not possible to travel Tibet on your own. The visa is on the paper and in a group list. Being an authorized tour operator company, we arrange visa, permit and all other paperwork for you.

What should I do to book the Nepal visa?

We just require a passport copy to reach to us at least two weeks before the trip starts along with required advance money deposit. With this, we will proceed the Tibet travel permit and visa. We will need your original passport on your arrival to collect the visa. and culture.

Is Nepal safe? Is a single traveler especially a woman safe with your company?

Yes. Actually, Nepal is really not a dangerous country probably safer than in your home country. We even specialized for single or small group trip so on any of our trips, we take personal responsibility for your well-being and a safer trip we take care very seriously. We even provide a lady guide on request.

Can I get Nepal visa on arrival?

Yes! Nepal visa is easily available upon arrival at the Airport in Kathmandu or any entry points. Visa cost and form…


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