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Amrit Marg, Thamel

Lumbini Cultural Heritage Tour

08 Days
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1 Days



Lumbini Cultural and Heritage Tour take you down south within Terai belt which is Nepal Far South West within low warm of sub-tropical temperatures at famous and ancient heritage sites where Lord Buddha was born, known as the ‘ Light of Asia’ Lumbini Cultural and Heritage Tour where one takes a long interesting overland journey to reach Lumbini or the shortest and fast options taking a swift short flight of less than an hour to land at Bhairawa Gautam Buddha Airport, where short drive reaches you the very heart of Lumbini around Lord Buddha birth spot. A day trip leads you around Lord Buddha’s birthplaces and other historical sites, Lumbini traditional birthplace of Gautama Buddha founder of Buddhism, born in 6th century BC. In 249 BC, the Buddhist convert Emperor Asoka visited Lumbini and constructed four stupas and a stone pillar. Asoka's Pillar bears an inscription that translates as: "King Piyadasi (Asoka), beloved of devas, in the 20 years of the coronation, himself made a royal visit, Buddha Sakyamuni having been born here, a stone railing was built and a stone pillar erected to the Bhagavan ["blessed one"] having been born here. The Lumbini village was taxed reduced and entitled to eight parts (only)". The site was rediscovered in 1895 when German archaeologist came upon Asoka's Pillar, identified by its inscription. Records made by the Chinese pilgrim Fa Xian were also used in the process of identifying this religiously acclaimed site. Lumbini was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.


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