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Jungle Safari
Jungle Safari
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The plains in the southern part of the country contain an amazing variety of flora and fauna. In contrast to the cold environment of the northern mountain regions, the south of the country is a tropical jungle teeming with wildlife and numerous species of birds. The Royal Chitwan National Park is the most popular destination for those in search of jungle adventure.
The Park is home to the Royal Bengal tiger, the one-horned rhino, gharial crocodile, sloth bear and langur monkeys. Jungle tours on elephant back offer opportunities for close-up views of rhinos in their

natural habitat. Boating on the river to view gharial crocodiles and jungle walks for birds watching are other thrilling activities here. Trained naturalist guides conduct the tours. Walks in the surrounding villages also provide a fascinating experience of the local Tharu culture.

Accommodation ranges from basic to luxurious, with almost all the resorts built in traditional styles. They possess solar heated showers, a well-stocked bar to relax in, and friendly staff willing to share their knowledge of the jungle with you.

Other than the monsoon months (July to September), a visit to the Chitwan National Park is possible at any time of the year. Access to the area is easy as it can be reached by place or by bus from any one of the Nepal's main cities. It's even possible to raft down the Trisuli or Kali Gandaki rivers. The Royal Chitwan National Park provides an escape from the polluted atmosphere and the noise of the big cities and is a great place to relax in and experience something different after a strenuous trek.

Jungle Safari -


Royal Bardiya National Park
Royal Bardiya National Park
Duration : 6 days
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