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Bird watching in nepal
Bird watching in nepal
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Nepal is a paradise for bird lovers with over 856 species (almost 10% of the world tatal) of birds. And among them almost 500 hudred species are found in the Kathmandu Valley alone. The most popular bird watching spots in Kathmandu are Phulchoki, Godavari, Nagarjun, Bagmati river, Taudaha and so on. Get your Binoculars and look forwarad to a rewarding experience. Out side Kathmandu valley east to wast alover arrounds Nepal 100 meters elevations to Worlds highest areas like Everest still Birds life gives any body worth to visit areas!

Birds of Kathmandu Valley
Within the Kathmandu valley alone, over 500 species of birds have been recorded. The surrounding hills offer a varied ecology ranging from primary and secondary forests to rhododendron, oak and pine forests. In addition, the wetlands and open fields inside the valley make up a diverse habitat for many species of birds.

The most popular bird watching spot is the Phulchoki hill, the highest peak on the Valley rim situated 20 km South East of Kathmandu, with some 265 species recorded to date. The birds seen here included babblers, warblers, tits, thrushes, minivets, woodpeckers, eagles and many migrant birds. Godavari, at the foot of Phulchoki hill where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated, records over 100 species of birds including the lesser racket-tailed drongo, Tibetan siskin and the spotted forktail.

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